Sorry, The Internet is Full

by kevin on February 3, 2011

For those of you who are geeks, today marks a very important day.   Today, NRO announced the Internet as we know it is full.

Well, not full exactly.   The announcement today was declaring the IPv4 free address space fully depleted.  IP addresses are the “hidden” numbers that computers use to talk to each other.   Each device (computers, smartphones, refrigerators) need an address on the internet to communicate.  As more of these devices come online, more addresses are used.  Today the NRO assigned the last 5 networks to the regional authorities.   There are no more IPv4  /8 networks to give out.

Not to worry, IPv6 (which has a lot more address space – roughly 170 addresses for every square foot on earth – go big or go home!) is already out there.  This announcement should start pushing the carriers to take IPv6 more seriously and distribute it more.

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