Indianapolis Public Schools – SuperBowl Delay

by kevin on February 3, 2010

So, IPS has decided to have a two-hour delay for school on the Monday after the SuperBowl.  Now, I am all for cheering on your favorite team when they are up for a championship, but come on – sacrificing a child’s education for it?  This just makes no sense to me.  IPS states the problem rests with the number of bus drivers who called in sick after the last SuperBowl appearance of the Colts.  Do people in Indianapolis really have their priorities that screwed up?  I will stay up and watch the game, but I will also make my commitments to my job and arrive on time Monday morning.

Solve the problem and not avoid it.  Let’s keep kids in school and show them the value of education over a single game.  Win or Lose, the kids are still missing class time.  Class time that everyone agrees is to little.

Glad I live in a county that understands the value of an education over a game.  My kids will be in school on-time on Monday.

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